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September 21, 2018    

THANK YOU for the good response to my 2 requests:

1- For SS Connect Groups to dismiss early enough for members to go to the restroom and make it to worship in a timely way so that worship attenders are in place for the very first part of the worship experience. We prayerfully place every worship activity for the purpose of leading us into the presence of God in worship.

2- For SS Connect Group members to be in SSCG on time and in place so that the group can take full advantage of the time to accomplish SSCG goals of Connecting to God, to Others, and to Community!

I truly believe that these 2 small adjustments can have a great impact on our Connect Group and Worship experience! Let me know what you think!!

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I Am Looking forward to worship this coming Sunday!  We are continuing to look at 2 Peter 3 as our Fall Kickoff Focus:  GROW - Gather,  Renew,  Observe,  and Worship.  In this passage, we are being prepared to live in the present by anticipating future events!  

Our ONE MESSAGE Focus begins this Sunday, September 23. In the coming weeks we will be continue to explore what it means to be a GROWing Christian.  Here is our Sunday morning and evening schedule - Take special note of our Sunday evening Intensives September 16, 23, and 30:

September 23

Morning: GROWing in Bible Confidence

5-6:30 PM: "How To Hear From God"  Growth Intensive

In a day and time that many Christians are being labeled “Biblically Illiterate”, it is important that we be grounded in the foundations of the Christian faith. This focus will serve both as a good reminder and as good instruction for every believer.

September 30 – GROWing in Availability

                    5:00-6:30 PM – “How To Talk About Jesus” Growth Intensive

October 7 - GROWing in Prayer 

                    4:30-6:30 PM - Family Movie Night - "War Room" in the gym**

We will have Preschool, Children and Youth activities for our Sunday evening programming.  


October Prayer Focus:  "Who Is My Neighbor?"

Each October, our Baptist State Convention of NC sponsors a month-long prayer focus.  This year, the theme is "Who Is my Neighbor?" based on Luke 10:29.  Go here to see various resources, including a daily prayer request text that is available to be sent to you each day in October.  

Chris Scholfield, our director of prayer, says: 

"With 65 to 90 percent of evangelical churches in America declining or maintaining and gospel impact and engagement at a very low point, the church in America finds itself in an ever-increasing hostile, hopeless and overwhelming place as paganism, evil and lostness marches forward.

"How will we respond? Will we step up and embrace God’s call to united, passionate prayer on behalf of the spiritual famine in America? What will you and your church do? Will you unite with others and pray? If there ever was a day that we needed God’s power unleashed upon and through His church in America, it is today. What will you do?"

What will you do?  I will pray!  I pray that you will join me!  


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We got off to a great start over the past couple of weeks in our Wednesday evening study and prayer time.  We are re-vamping our format to focus on Bible study and Application, as well as specific prayer for the Gospel ministry of Ridgecrest Baptist Church.  This past Wednesday, we welcomed 9 first-time guests to join our regulars!    We are currently looking at sections of the book, "How to Worship Jesus Christ" by Joseph Carrol.  Each week is bringing great discussion and interaction.  You can join us at any time.  There are even a few surprises along the way!  


Our Facilities Maintenance Project is under way!   Remember:    We have estimated costs of $348,000.00, available funds of $164,500.00, leaving approximately $183,500.00 to be given by members and friends of Ridgecrest.  That's ME and YOU!  

AS YOU GIVE, please pray, prioritize the kingdom, and be generous!  Mark your gifts as payable to the "Believe and Achieve" fund.  

Let's trust God and see what He is going to do!    


Remember - We are Blessed to be a Blessing!!    

Pastor Marc