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March 15, 2019

Please note: I have not sent out an email asking for people to send me 5 $100 gift cards to help my brother with cancer!

Neither of my brothers has cancer. I don’t know who this is or how they got my name. Please disregard if it comes to you!


Our Hang Out Time for men this past Saturday turned out to be a bunch of men…. hanging out! We had a great turn out with expectation for more events like this in the future. We had a good mix of ages and stages of life. We made new friends and caught up with guys we already knew. And, we had several guests. A special thanks to all you who gave time and effort to make this happen.

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Speaking of Prayer - we are having good attendance as we examine the Lord’s Prayer for several weeks during our Wednesday evening Bible Study / Prayer time that we call ENGAGE. We are working our way through a study entitled, “Pray Like This.” We meet in room #509 at 7:00 on Wednesdays and would love to have you join us. For the next few weeks we are looking at the Worthiness of God. It is an awesome study! We will continue this Wednesday! Join us! You can jump in any time!

In 2019, our ministry staff continues to pray for a “Renewed spiritual passion” at Ridgecrest. Will you join us in that prayer? Will you join us this Sunday, expecting great things from God? I’m looking forward to it.


Can you be a blessing??? A young family in our church is looking for some clean, safe and inexpensive housing. The family includes mom, dad, and a young child. They are conscientious and clean and are working hard to improve education and skills. But for now, finances are tight. I remember the days when a church member blessed my family with lodging that met our needs and ministered to us in great ways. If you have such housing or can recommend someone, contact me and I’ll be glad to discuss the situation with you.


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is our current sermon series. God’s word is as fresh today as ever. I’m enjoying the study and looking forward to sharing with you each week. I hope you will come prepared to encounter God!

This Sunday, March 17 we will be looking at Jesus as the true vine and what that means for us, from John 15. If we are serious about our relationship with Christ, it will be displayed in “Abiding” and “Bearing”. Join us Sunday as we work our way though this great passage of scripture.

As many of us know, we are currently combining SS CONNECT GROUP lessons, worship music content, and sermon messages each week. We are calling it “One Message.” Thanks for the continued comments about the effectiveness of this approach. Be sure to express your appreciation to Shay Reyner who is coordinating the lessons along with the messages for the gospel of John. Someone recently asked, “will we continue to follow this approach after the gospel of John?” My answer is, “I don’t know.” There are several factors at work in taking this approach. I would suggest that you let Shay know your thoughts as we begin planning now for our next steps after John, beginning in May.


Today, can I ask you to spend some time in prayer?

For God to work so clearly in the lives of our pastor, staff, leaders, and members that only He could get the credit…

For hurting people & relationships. Though this is often the same request, the names and needs are constantly changing.

For each member of Ridgecrest to know and walk with Jesus in such a way that God is glorified!

Remember, It’s All About Jesus!

Pastor Marc