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Above: Student Ministry, Wednesday Jan 16,2019


January 18, 2019

75 Reasons to Celebrate!

What a blessing! This past Wednesday we had about 75 students gathered at Ridgecrest! They come for a variety of reasons - fun, games, friends, and some, for spiritual enrichment. For whatever reason they come, they all get a friendly welcome and a dose of spiritual truth. We are thankful that God has provided Austin Tsumas to serve as our student pastor. He and Amber continue to lead our student ministry to grow and reach our students and their friends.

I want to encourage you to pray for our student ministry. Pray for Austin, Amber, and their family. Pray for student ministry workers. Pray for our students to grow and develop in their faith. Pray for our students to reach out to their friends. Pray for us to be overrun with students! Pray for the new students to attend and bring their families with them!

God loves students. And God wants the church - THIS church, Ridgecrest Baptist Church - to love students. It can be loud. It can get a little crazy, or a lot crazy! It can be expensive in time and resources. BUT IT IS WORTH IT in so many ways! I will never forget that I am the product of the strong youth ministry of Guess Road Baptist Church here in Durham in the 1970’s. A friend cared enough to invite me. The church cared enough to welcome me. The leaders cared enough to teach me. And, at just the right time, Jesus showed that He cared enough to save me! Who’s next?!


Speaking of Prayer - I’m looking forward to examining the Lord’s prayer for several weeks during our Wednesday evening Bible Study / Prayer time that we call ENGAGE. We meet in room #509 at 7:00 on Wednesdays and would love to have you join us. This Study will begin on Wednesday, January 23.

In 2019, our ministry staff continues to pray for a “Renewed spiritual passion” at Ridgecrest. Will you join us in that prayer? Will you join us this Sunday, expecting great things from God? I’m looking forward to it.


Jesus Is (3).png

is our current sermon series. God’s word is as fresh today as ever. I’m enjoying the study and looking forward to sharing with you each week. I hope you will come prepared to encounter God!

** This Sunday, January 20, we will be examining Jesus as presented in John 7. What does the scripture say? What does it mean? What does it mean for me?

** CONTENT ALERT!! Next Sunday, January 27, I will be dealing with John 8:1-11. I will be discussing issues dealing with sexual morality. I will be sensitive to all who are present, but will be speaking Biblical sexual truth. This is a message I would want my children to hear. It will open doors for individuals and families to contemplate and communicate about sexual matters.


Be sure to sign up and attend our Valentine Banquet - you should come! Sunday, Feb. 10.

It’s gonna be “BIG”!

Remember, It’s All About Jesus!

Pastor Marc