May 17, 2019

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This Sunday, May 19, we will be recognizing 2 special groups of people in our midst: Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) and First Responders! We will briefly recognize them and pray for them. If you are an LEO or First Responder, please be sure to join us Sunday. And, use this opportunity to invite others to join you for some support from the Ridgecrest family!

This Sunday, May 19, we will also be sharing an update from our building update project… What have we done so far? What’s next? How much has been given? How much is left to give?


Still hearing about our combined worship service from May 5! Here are some of the comments / emails / Facebook messages I’ve received:

Ralph and Janine Guadagno: I just wanted to personally thank each of you for the blessing we received this Sunday.  The prayer and work that went into creating this beautiful morning of worship could be  tangibly felt.  I know my spirit was lifted and I felt blessed and touched to part of God’s Kingdom.  Thank-you for the selections of songs, testimony and music.  This service reminded me of how much I love God and how much He loves me.  

Gary and Laura Chambers: Many thanks to you, Al, Hubert & Phyllis, band members, the sound team, the soloists, choir, and all who had a part in our worship experience this morning. God truly “inhabits the praises of His people”! What a great time of worship with God’s people! 

One member who spoke tearfully to me after the service: “That was the most meaningful worship service I have ever been a part of.”

Betty Veasey: Loved the service today

Lee L Wade: A huge praise to Bro. Al Huffman for directing the choir to one of the greatest renditions of Praise and Worship I've heard in a long time at Ridgecrest Baptist Church this morning. The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir didn't have a thing on this choir this morning. 5/5/2019. The praise and worship team, the individual singing, the duet singing and the testimonies were so powerful. My Holy Ghost goose bumps are still playing leap frog with one another.

Gena Cotton: The service was amazing

Sandra Powell‎: Awesome service of God's Greatness seen. We need this at least once every month with all the people together. A true celebration. A great way to start the week

Susan Martin Browning: Awesome service this morning

Renea Hunnings: AMEN...filled with the Holy Spirit

Kim Salmon: What an AWESOME morning of worship today! Holy Spirit was made welcome, and He filled the entire place. Thank you, Pastor Marc, Brother Al, and so many others who led us to praise our Lord!!

Marie Moore: Just wanted to express my THANK YOU to all involved in the service yesterday.  It was such an up-lifting start to my day. Thank you for all the hard work involved in putting this together. THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD COULD BE FELT IN EVERY WAY.

Dot Moore: Just wanted share with you about the service last Sunday. It was a blessing to be in that service. From the first song, "Come Thou Fount" until the last song, the Spirit of Holy God was felt and experienced. The music and 
testimonies were so touching. I will never forget what I experienced in that service.

I am so thankful to be a part of the family of God at Ridgecrest. I love my pastor and my church and church family.

Joyce McLamb: I just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed the service. Having people give their testimony, and reading scripture was nice. Having more time was good too. Praising God was great. I loved the music selections. The first song was a song I used to sing growing up. The music was up beat but not too much and not too loud,  it was perfect. (Please tell Al). 
Thank you for all your hard work helping us grow in the Lord

**************************** .

This Sunday I will continue the new sermon series examining the life of David as an example and a lesson for us as we seek to live out our Faith In the Real World! We will exploring the life of David as a whole and seeking to be people after the heart of God!

Remember, It’s All About Jesus!

Pastor Marc