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March 9, 2018

Message focus for March and April:  

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We continue to pursue "Discovering Jesus" on Sundays.  I continue to receive positive comments about the need for this series - both for the mature believer as well as for the person searching and asking basic questions about the Christian faith.   This is a good series of messages to attend and bring a friend to discover Who Jesus is.  This week we will talk about the Prayers of Jesus and ask the question, "how can I pray like Jesus?!"  Then we will explore ...

* The Cross & Resurrection

* His Miracles

* His Teaching

*His Purpose for the Church. 

Easter will be on April 1, so we will be celebrating "Don't Be An April Fool" Sunday with special Easter worship and "Bring-A-Friend" emphasis.  There are lots of events going on at Ridgecrest around Easter, so be sure to put them on your calendar! 

April 29 will be "Celebration of Salvation" Sunday, with a joint worship service at 10 AM, featuring baptism, testimonies, music, and a special message.  

Be sure to "like" and follow our Facebook page, "Ridgecrest Baptist Durham".  You will find posts that you can share on your wall to inform and invite others to attend special and regular services. 

Here is a link to a video advertising the sermon series.  I want to encourage you to "share' it on your Facebook page, and use it to invite your unchurched, non-believing, and questioning friends and family to attend services at Ridgecrest in March and April.  So far, over 1,400 people have viewed the video!

We have received positive feedback so far and have been able to share important messages with members and our community. 


Ordination to Gospel Ministry:

You will notice in the bulletin Sunday that we will be having a called church conference on March 25 for the church to ordain our children's ministry director, Joe Yandle, to the gospel ministry, pending a review and endorsement of an ordination council that I will convene.   We are blessed that God continues to call and equip Ridgecrest members to Gospel ministry.  Pray for Joe as he prepares for ordination, and also as he and Katie Fields prepare for their wedding.  


Join Us Wednesday for "Engage"   

This Wednesday, March 21, 7:00 PM, room #509, we will "engage" with a resource provided through our North American Mission Board in preparation for our annual Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.  We will be discussing "Types of Non-Believers and How To Talk To Them".  This will be an insightful discussion with great opportunities to become equipped to share your faith.  Join us! 


I want to invite you to join me and others in participating in the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions.  We receive this offering each year, along with other Southern Baptist Churches.  This offering funds our missionaries across Canada, the US and Mexico.  Your faithfulness to pray and give expands the kingdom!  

Remember - We are Blessed to be a Blessing!!    

Pastor Marc