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May 18, 2018    

Big days ahead in the life of Joe Yandle!

Joe will be ordained to the gospel ministry this Sunday.

Join us this Sunday, May 20, at 4:00 PM, in the worship center.   Having been examined by an ordination committee and voted on by Ridgecrest Baptist Church, we will have a service of worship and setting Joe apart to accomplish the work to which God has called him. 

Joe and Katie are getting married!

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It has been a blessing to see Joe and Katie grow in their love for each other over the past year.  And now they will join their lives together in marriage.  God has provided a wife for Joe and a husband for Katie.  We rejoice with them now and look forward to great days ahead for both of them. 

In celebration of Joe and Katie’s marriage, our Children’s Ministry Leadership Team is sponsoring a Kids Ministry Summer kick-off in their honor!  It will take place on Wednesday, June 20, from 6 – 8:00 PM.  Rising first through 6th graders are invited.  

·      Light snacks and cake will be provided. 

·      Gifts are welcome but not required.  Joe and Katie are registered at Bed Bath and Beyond,           Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel. 

·      There will be fun and games for the entire time. 

·      Parents are welcome to drop off their kids, or, to stay and enjoy the celebration. 

·      There will even be a fun surprise or 2! 


May & June Preaching: 

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If you had to give us a grade, as a church, what grade would we receive?   

More importantly, what grade are we receiving from our Lord?  Is it an A+ as in the graphic?  Or, would it be a lower, or much lower, grade?

Join us during May and June as we examine the grades that our Lord Jesus handed out to seven churches, recorded in the book of Revelation.  His examination and comments are extremely valuable to us as we seek to continually BE the church He is calling us to BE. 

“Grading the Church”

This Sunday we will look at Jesus’ evaluation of the church at Ephesus in Revelation 2.  Let’ look together at what Jesus has to say to this church…. And to us at Ridgecrest Baptist Church! 

This is a season of transition for the church.  Many of our churches are aging and declining.  Some of our churches are closing.  There is “church revitalization” movement taking place among some churches.  And, there is a church planting movement happening in many areas.   Churches are experimenting with facilities, programming, worship styles, satellite campuses, staffing, and scheduling.  In an article dated July, 2017, Karl Vaters wrote this in “Christianity Today”: 

“The Way We’ve Done Church … Won’t Be The Way We Do Church.  There is a lot of upheaval going on in the church right now.  And it’s not even  close to being over.  A great many churches and some denominations will not survive into the next generation.  That doesn’t mean the church is dying.  Or even in trouble.  It’s just changing.”  After giving some thoughts on this transitional time for our culture and for the church, he says, “I have no idea what the church of the future will look like. But I’m okay with not knowing.  Because it’s not my church.  It belongs to Jesus. And He knows what He is doing.”

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These are days of great transition for the church.  That is not a bad thing or a good thing - but it is a reality!  Notice the information from the North American Mission Board of our Southern Baptist Convention.  Something is happening!  Does it affect us at Ridgecrest?  Are we heading in that direction?  What does God have to say about it?  What will we do about it?  

We will be having follow up discussions from Sunday morning messages on Wednesday evenings at 7 PM  during "Engage".  Join us any week in Room #509 (across from the church office) for a time of fellowship, discussion, and prayer.  


Summer Reminders: 

June 3 - Deacon nomination Sunday - Be prayerfully prepared to nominate up to 5 men to serve as deacon for the next 3 years.

June 10 - Graduation Recognition Sunday!  Let us know who is graduating so we can celebrate together! 

June 17 - Father's Day.  We will recognize our fathers in the worship service.  We will also honor our Heavenly Father by observing the Lord's Supper together.

AND - Don't take a Vacation from your Faith!  Be mindful to grow in your faith through regular prayer and Bible reading, and by living out your faith.  And while you may be out of town a few times, don't forget the importance of your church family!  Come as you can.  Give to support the ministry.  Bring someone with you!

Remember - We are Blessed to be a Blessing!!    

Pastor Marc