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April 19, 2019

Easter is here on Sunday, we gather to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead! Because He is risen, we have hope, forgiveness and eternal life! We will follow our regular Sunday morning schedule.

Tomorrow, Saturday, 9:30 - Noon, is our Community Family Easter Celebration - Rain or Shine! Great fun and games as we celebrate Easter.

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I am regularly looking for opportunities to use our “Invite Cards” to invite people to Ridgecrest. I’m learning not to be pushy, but to look for those “open doors of opportunity”. I have used the cards this week to invite 3 people - SO FAR! - to attend our Easter services. One is already attending church regularly - I encouraged them to continue and to grow in their faith. One has moved to this area from Wake County, is no longer attending their church in Raleigh, and is looking for a more local church! They said they would seriously consider coming this Sunday! One was a service call at my house. They took the card, thanked me, but made no promises. Guess what - All were polite encounters, each person took the card, and each one thanked me for the invitation. That’s 3 people! What about you?

The invitation is not difficult - something like this:

“I’d like to invite you to attend church with me on a Sunday.

Here’s a card with our website and contact information.”

It really is that simple. How can God use you to impact someone for Him? Give it some thought, pray about it, be on the look out, and extend the invitation as you have opportunity.


May 5 will be our next Combined Worship Service in the gym at 10 AM. Our theme will be Celebration & Praise!   There will be music, testimony, scripture, prayer, and a message of encouragement. Our combined services are some of my favorite times at Ridgecrest!


Beginning May 12, I will begin a message series dealing with real-life faith issues. We will be using the life of King David from the Old Testament. So much that we deal with regularly is right there in the pages of the Bible! We can learn from the successes and failures of others to give us a road map towards victory in faith that leads to victory in all of life!


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Easter is coming! We are nearing the conclusion to the gospel of John. On Sunday we will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus! Jesus is … RISEN! Pray for me as I share this powerful passage of Scripture from John 20. I look forward to seeing you there! And, bring someone with you!

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Speaking of Prayer - we are examining the Lord’s Prayer during our Wednesday evening Bible Study / Prayer time that we call ENGAGE. We are working our way through a study entitled, “Pray Like This.” We meet in room #509 at 7:00 on Wednesdays and would love to have you join us. For the next few weeks we are looking at the Kingdom and Will of God. It is an awesome study! We will continue this Wednesday! Join us! You can jump in any time!

In 2019, our ministry staff continues to pray for a “Renewed spiritual passion” at Ridgecrest. Will you join us in that prayer? Will you join us this Sunday, expecting great things from God? I’m looking forward to it.


Be mindful of those around you who could use your smile, greeting, kind word, encouragement, or word of testimony.

Be mindful of those around you who would love to attend Ridgecrest with you if you were to ask!

Be mindful of those around you who would respond positively if you asked them how you could pray for and with them.

Remember, It’s All About Jesus!

Pastor Marc