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April 20, 2018

Are you a solid church member?! 

A solid church member has a personal relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. 

A solid church member is one who receives blessings from being a member of their church and is one who is blessing others through ministry and service in the church.  

Thom Rainer, head of our LifeWay Christian Resources, gives these traits of solid / assimilated church members: 

  1. Has taken steps of affiliation with the church
  2. Attends worship on a regular basis
  3. Identifies with the vision and purposes of the church
  4. Is pursuing meaningful relationships
  5. Gives financially
  6. Serves the body in some way
  7. Has intentional gospel conversations
  8. Is maturing in his or her faith

I hope and pray that these traits describe your Christian life and your membership at Ridgecrest.  And I hope you'll join me in prayerfully considering the traits listed and making any needed adjustments to your membership status - for your blessing AND for the blessing of others!  


Here is where I am prayerfully planning to lead us for the next few weeks in preaching

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Looking forward to a "Celebration of Salvation" on Sunday, April 29.  We will have a combined service in the gym at 10AM.  This day is important to me for a couple of reasons that I will explain on the 29th.  We will be focusing on the difference that Jesus makes in the lives of those who trust Him.  I'm looking forward to the music, hearing the stories of some of our members, baptism, and scripture passages.  And, I'm looking forward to sharing a special message that day.  

THIS Sunday is we will continue to discover Jesus by focusing on The Church of Jesus. What is the church?  What is the significance of the church? What's so great about the church?  Why should I be a part of a church? 

May & June Preaching: 

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We will continue to explore the church of Jesus, looking at the churches listed in the book of Revelation, seeking to learn and apply God's message to Ridgecrest Baptist Church.  These are days of great transition for the church.  That is not a bad thing or a good thing - but it is a reality!  Notice the information from the North American Mission Board of our Southern Baptist Convention.  Something is happening!  Does it affect us at Ridgecrest?  Are we heading in that direction?  What does God have to say about it?  What will we do about it?  

We will be having follow up discussions from Sunday morning messages on Wednesday evenings at 7 PM  during "Engage", beginning May 9.  Join us any week in Room #509 (across from the church office) for a time of fellowship, discussion, and prayer.  


We have a Housing Need for a married couple connected to Ridgecrest.  If you have a reasonably priced option and want to be a blessing, contact me for more information.  


I want to invite you to join me and others in participating in the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions.  We receive this offering each year, along with other Southern Baptist Churches.  This offering funds our missionaries across Canada, the US and Mexico.  Your faithfulness to pray and give expands the kingdom!  

Remember - We are Blessed to be a Blessing!!    

Pastor Marc