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May 25, 2017

Staff Update:

Austin, Amber, Caleb, and norah

Austin, Amber, Caleb, and norah

Next Sunday, June 4, during morning worship, our personnel committee will be presenting Austin Tsumas to  fill our position of Student Ministry Director (youth pastor).   This recommendation comes with the endorsement of our deacon officers, ministry staff, and Student Ministry Leadership Team.  Austin and Amber, along with their children Caleb and Norah, were with us last weekend. While here, they met with our personnel team, ministry staff, Student Ministry Expectant Leadership Team (SMELT), deacon officers, and many of our youth, their families, and church members during a meet and greet time on Saturday.  They also met with our youth on Sunday and attended worship.  

** This Wednesday, May 31:  6PM Austin and Amber will be with us again.  They will be in the Fellowship Hall area to meet and greet anyone who would like to stop by. They will then be with our youth at 7:00 PM in the Loft.  

** Sunday, June 4:  Austin will share his testimony and calling to ministry in each worship service.  Members will then be asked to cast  votes to call Austin to join our staff as our next Student Ministry Director.  

** Austin is 27 years old.  He is from the Charlotte, NC area.  He is a graduate of North Greenville University with a degree in Christian Studies.  At North Greenville, he and Amber served with Joyful Sound for all four years, an ongoing travel ministry of music, youth, and local church ministry.  He has been married to Amber since 2012.  They have two children, Caleb (2 yrs) and Norah (5 weeks).  He previously has 4 years of church staff ministry experience after college in the areas of worship leadership and youth ministry.  Amber grew up in Woodlawn Baptist Church in Lowell where I had the privilege to be her pastor for 14 years and to get to know Austin as he entered ministry.  

Thank you for your continued prayers!  


Graduate recognition will also take place next Sunday, June 4.  Join us as we recognize and celebrate with those who have worked hard to get to this next step in their lives and careers. 




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Project 751 Update:

We live in the midst of a large population of people.  Many of them are fairly new in our area.  Many of them do not look like us or talk like us.  Join me in praying for God to open avenues of opportunity for them to come to us on a Sunday to explore Ridgecrest, our members, and our Savior.  Pray also for avenues of opportunity for us to reach out to them!  Studies show that most people do not begin to attend a church by riding by, but in response to an invitation by someone they know, love, and trust.  Who do you know that is outside of a church and a relationship with God through Jesus Christ?  Do they know, love, and trust you?  If so, prayerfully look for ways to invite them to Ridgecrest and to Jesus! 


I love being your pastor.  


Pastor Marc