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June 15, 2018    

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This Sunday, June 17, church members will be asked to vote to adopt the recommendation from our Building / Grounds Committee and our Budge / Finance Committee, with an endorsement from our deacons, to address facilities needs in the church.  Be sure to take note of the needs, pray about your part in meeting those needs, and participate in the church conference vote on Sunday during worship.  The needs and process have been advertised.  A church conference was held last Sunday, June 10, at 5 PM where the motion was made, discussed, and the question was called.  This Sunday members will be asked to vote by ballot with no discussion. 

You will  notice that the church steeple has already been removed from the worship center!  Addressing the roof structurally cannot wait and must be done for the protection of our facilities.  The crane was available this week and our facilities team had the steeple removed in advance of these essential repairs.  


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Thanks to our Outdoors Ministry Team for sponsoring the annual Kids Fishing Expo at our church pond.  In advance of the Expo, our Outdoors Ministry Team stocked our pond with over 200 fish (some are quite big!).  During the Expo, 144 children registered.  When you add in family and workers, there were over 300 people on our campus! And many of them are not part of a church.  There was fishing, archery, pellet shooting, bounce houses, a combine simulator, snacks and other activities.  Most of all, everyone present heard the gospel and received an invitation to Ridgecrest Baptist Church.  


This Sunday is Father's Day.  We will be recognizing and praying for our fathers.  It is always challenging to be a father!  But in todays culture, being a Christian father is especially challenging.  Dads - your church is with you and we want to encourage you in this great assignment given to us by God. 

This Sunday, we will also be participating in the Lord's Supper as part of our worship experience.  Prepare your heart and come ready to meet God on Sunday. 

Next Sunday, June 24, we will have baptism at 10:30 AM.  It is such an encouragement to celebrate this with new believers.  This celebration is for all of us!  So, adjust your schedule and join us in the worship center! 


In chapter 4 his book, "Flickering Lamps", Henry Blackaby speaks extensively about "Christ's POWER and His church."  Blackaby relates that Christ's power in the church draws people and transforms people.  He also relates that by Christ's power, He rules the nations and the economy, brings in the harvest, and protects His people!  Many people are missing the blessings of the power of Christ in their lives because we are not walking with Him!  But, that can change!  Make Jesus your priority and experience His power in your life.

We are discussing this book and its implications for our lives and church each Wednesday at 7 PM in room 509.  You are welcome to buy a copy of the book from the church bookstore at the welcome center ($10), but it is not necessary to have or read the book before joining us on Wednesdays.  You can join us at any time! 

The book covers the 7 churches of Revelation 2-3, with modern examples and piercing questions for today's church to consider.   All adults are welcome.  So far, we have looked at Christ's Purpose, Christ's Plans, Chris's Presence and Christ's Power for the church.  Next, we will cover His Provision, and His Pre-eminence.  I would count it a blessing to have you join us.                 OHHH - and did I mention snacks!!!  


 In celebration of Joe and Katie Yandle’s marriage, our Children’s Ministry Leadership Team is sponsoring a Kids Ministry Summer kick-off in their honor!  It will take place on Wednesday, June 20, from 6 – 8:00 PM.  Rising first through 6th graders are invited.  

·      Light snacks and cake will be provided. 

·      Gifts are welcome but not required.  Joe and Katie are registered at Bed Bath and Beyond,           Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel. 

·      There will be fun and games for the entire time. 

·      Parents are welcome to drop off their kids, or, to stay and enjoy the celebration. 

·      There will even be a fun surprise or 2! 


June Preaching: 

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“Grading the Church”

This Sunday we will look at Jesus’ evaluation of the church at Sardis in Revelation 3.  What does Jesus have to say to this church?…. And to us at Ridgecrest Baptist Church?! 


Summer Reminders: 

Beginning July 2, I will be on a sabbatical.  Thank you for this great blessing.  In 35 years of ministry I have rarely been away for more than one week at a time.  I am really looking forward to this extended time away and to coming back refreshed and rejuvenated!  I am scheduling opportunities to worship in various churches and look forward to fresh insights from God.  

During the sabbatical, you will be in capable hands on Sunday mornings.  There will be a variety of speakers coming to RBC.  I will share the schedule with you in a week or so.  

Remember - During Vacation season, don't take a Vacation from your Faith!  Be mindful to grow in your faith through regular prayer and Bible reading, and by living out your faith.  And while you may be out of town a few times, don't forget the importance of your church family!  Come as you can.  Give to support the ministry.  Bring someone with you!

Congratulations to local pastor, JD Greear of the Summit Church (formerly Homestead Heights Baptist Church).  JD was elected this week to serve a one year term as president of our Southern Baptist Convention. 

Our friends at Gorman Baptist Church have asked us to share a brief video advertising their Christian School.  It takes a large commitment and financial resources to provide a Christian school.  Our good friend Craig Phelps is the pastor at Gorman.  And we have several Ridgecrest families who teach at and attend Gorman Christian Academy.  If you are considering a Christian school, or know someone who is, please direct them to this video:

Remember - We are Blessed to be a Blessing!!    

Pastor Marc