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September 22, 2017

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What If.......   

What if..... we were a Praying church?  God calls us to be a praying church.  So often, Christians and churches miss out on God's presence and power because we do not pray as we have opportunity!  Be sure to get your copy of "5 Things To Pray for Your Church" and begin reading / praying through this prayer focus with us. 

What if .... we were a Strong Church?  By continually giving thanks for each other, standing firm in our faith, and finding encouragement in Christ, we can continually be becoming a stronger church. 

What if .... we were a Persistent Church?  Christians who determine to Persistently live lives of "Holiness" and of "Brotherly Love" are distinctively different from most people.  And, that difference is noticeable ... and desirable.  But, holiness and brotherly love don't just happen - we have to pursue them "more and more!"

What if ... we were an Evangelistic Church?  Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved (Romans 10:13) while those who refuse to believe the Gospel will suffer the punishment of eternal destruction(2 Thessalonians 1:9-10).  We have the wonderful privilege to announce the good news of Jesus so that people may be saved from punishment for sin and delivered to salvation through faith in Jesus!  Just like Ashley, who was baptized this past Wednesday evening - picture above!  And ... Who's Next?!! 

And, What if ... we were an Expectant Church?  Join me this Sunday, September 24, to find out!  We will also have a brief special word from an out of town friend!  


New Message Series on Sunday Mornings, beginning October 1:  "Life's Great Questions".  It is amazing to discover that the questions we most ask and struggle with are addressed for us in the pages of the Bible.  I look forward to exploring the great questions of life with you so that we might better know God, His purpose, His provision, and His plan!  

 The Membership Challenge:  Participate in Active Membership at Ridgecrest. 

The Connect Group Challenge:  Find and Participate actively in a SS Connect Group in order to Connect to God, Others, and Community. 

The Scripture Challenge:  Read the New Testament during the next year.  One chapter per day, 5 days per week, beginning October 1. 

The Prayer Challenge:  Pray for the members of Ridgecrest Baptist Church using the "5 Things" prayer book.  Copies are available in the Lobby and Fellowship Hall. 

The Stewardship Challenge:  Continue, Increase, or Begin to give, in obedience, and with joy, to support the Mission of Ridgecrest: "to glorify God by leading people to follow Jesus."  Your giving allows us to fund our Ministries, Mission projects, and the Maintenance of programs, staff and facilities.  

The Serve Challenge:  Continue or Become active in serving the Lord through the ministry of Ridgecrest Baptist Church.  Copies of "100 Jobs" are available in the church Breezeway connecting the gym to the worship center.

The Community Challenge:  Join us to reach the 64,000+ people who live within 5 miles of Ridgecrest.  There is a variety of ethnicity, background, education, and status, but each one needs to know God through faith in Jesus!   


What If We Were A Praying Church? 

You are invited to participate in the following prayer focused events for our lives, church, and nation:  

"5 Things to Pray for your Church" - Send me an email as to how you are using this resource and any good results!  I'd love to hear from you!  We distributed 1 copy per family and still have some copies left if you need one.  This is a small booklet capable of making a BIG impact on our lives, families and congregation.    

SEPTEMBER 25 - Community Prayer for Revival and Revitalization.  Red Mountain Baptist Church, Red Mountain Road.  6:30 dessert fellowship.  7:00  Prayer Service.  

NOVEMBER 7 - Call to Prayer Service at our NC Baptist State Convention meeting.  Koury Convention Center, 4 Seasons Mall, Greensboro.

OCTOBER 15 & NOVEMBER 12 - Season of Prayer for Revival at Ridgecrest Baptist Church.  

Each Wednesday - "Engage" at 7 PM in Room #509

First Sunday of each month - Prayer Ministry meeting and prayer in the Prayer Chapel at 4 PM

THAT is what a praying church looks like! 


From time to time I receive emails, calls, and comments from church members.  As appropriate, I try to share them with you for your encouragement.  Here is part of an email I received this week from our members, Ralph and Janine Guadano: 

I invited a neighbor of mine to come to church.  …  She went to service about 4 weeks ago when we had our one group service and loved it.  She said she really felt the spirit of God there.  ….  She then came again, with her husband.

Way to go, Ralph and Janine!  You discovered that people will come to church with us when we invite them!  And, they will come back!  Let me remind you to prayerfully consider inviting an unchurched friend, neighbor, co-worker, schoolmate, or some other person.....  Invite them to church.  Invite them to hear your faith story.  Invite them to consider and respond to the Gospel of Jesus!  

If you could use some assistance in this area... or, if you would like a refresher, be sure to join us Sunday evening from 5:00 - 6:00 PM as our staff leads a growth intensive on the topic of "Sharing your faith without freaking out!"  I look forward to seeing you there.  

And, when you see a new face at church - offer a warm greeting and answer any questions. 


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Project 751 Update:

Will you pray for Project 751?  

700 - the masses of people in our area disconnected from God and the church.  

50 - the groups of people, designated by age, stage, color, education, marital status, etc..   And....   

1 -   The individual who needs Jesus!   


    You are invited to ENGAGE with us this and every Wednesday evening at 7PM in room #509 for Fellowship (snacks!), an "engaging" dialogue , and a season of prayer.    

This Week:  Follow up discussion to this Sunday's message, "What if we were an expectant church?"  


Hurricane Relief:  There are many worthwhile ways to send aid to hurricane relief in Texas.  I suggest sending support through our Baptist State Convention organization, "Baptists On Mission."  Your funds are used exclusively with relief and your dollars provide opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus in the midst of a crisis.  Check them out and give at

Your partner in the Gospel.......   

Pastor Marc