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November 24, 2017


Count Me In!  It was a great to hear about the various efforts of SS Connect Groups in reaching out to encourage people to attend this past Sunday for our "Count Me In" emphasis.  Emails, notes, phone calls, personal invitations ... fellowship, snacks, activities planned ... warm greetings, hugs, and handshakes ... prayers, Scripture study, and follow up ... worship, music, recognitions, and preaching .. decisions, commitments, and life-change ... renewed connections to God and to RBC and to Connect Group.  All in all, a great day!  As I've heard, "Let's do this again!"  We will!  And, let's not wait!  Let's maintain these efforts on an ongoing basis and see what God will do!  I am grateful for your efforts and the results.  And, I look forward to more of what God has planned for us.  


Our Thanksgiving "experiment" worked!  Based on changing schedules with work and school, some have been unable to attend in recent years.  The suggestion was made to move our annual Thanksgiving church family fellowship meal from Tuesday to Sunday evening.  From everything I've seen and heard, it was a great success!   For that event to move smoothly, many have to work hard!  A special thanks to Jean Kenhle and our special events team, and to Shay Reyner, our associate pastor in charge of special events!  Scott Markham and Preston Andrews did a great job sharing testimonies of thanksgiving to God and encouraging us to trust Him.  And of course, YOU - for moving tables and chairs and bringing all those delicious sides and desserts.  It was a great night with a great crowd (300+).  Let's plan to do this again next year!  

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 I look forward to seeing you Sunday in worship.  It's hard to believe, but Christmas is just around the corner!  Take note of special services and opportunities to reach out to others during the Christmas season.  And, don't forget the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions - every penny goes to direct support for our more than 5,000 SBC missionaries stationed around the world!   

I love being your partner in Gospel Ministry.  

Pastor Marc

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