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December 7, 2018

So much to say! So little time and space!

  • Thank you for passing our 2019 budget spending plan. Let me encourage you to pray that Ridgecrest will continue to be faithful stewards of all that God entrusts to us. Likewise, let me encourage you to pray that you will be a faithful steward of all that God entrusts to you! Stewardship applies to everything under our control: earning, saving, spending and giving. I am confident that a church of faithful stewards can be used mightily of God!

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  • What an awesome women’s ministry breakfast this past Saturday morning. A great crowd of over 100 women. A powerful message of God’s grace in difficult times from my wife Pam Francis, concluding with the song, “Remember”, sung by Pam, Anne Basden, and Amber Tsumas. You can hear the message and song here.

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  • What a beautiful picture of the gospel of Jesus we saw this past Sunday in baptism! Anna, Michael, and Carsen displayed their identity with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus! Hallelujah!

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  • What an awesome Children’s choir program this past Sunday evening! Our worship pastor, Al Huffman, continues to do a great job. The boys and girls presented a clear gospel message with the “Star Search” theme, and we had a really good crowd. Your presence supports our boys and girls, but more-so, it provides a wonderful time of worship.

  • What an awesome worship choir program this coming Sunday. Presentations are at 3:30 & 6 PM. How do I know it is awesome? Because we strive to do everything with excellence. And because 2018 will be my 12th Christmas at Ridgecrest. And if the previous 11 are any indication, then this one will be an awesome Christmas presentation as well! Why not plan to attend one of the presentations - - and invite someone to come with you?

  • Combined worship services will take place at 10AM on December 23rd and 30th. Special music, special programming, the Lord’s Supper, the preaching of the Bible, warm fellowship, the presence of God! I’m looking forward to these special times of worship.

  • Christmas Eve is always a special time of worship. This year will be no different. 6 PM. Carols. Candlelight. The Christmas story. Orchestra. Special family focus. Less than one hour! Studies are showing that the un-churched are more willing to attend church on Christmas Eve than any other time of year - including Easter! Who do you know? Will you prayerfully invite them to attend with you?

As we continue into the Christmas season, let me encourage you to fight against the temptation to overload your schedule, your checkbook, and your family. Instead, find ways to focus on the most important thing - Jesus! Find time for faith and family, for fellowship and for focus. Look for ways to give: presents to our loved ones, but also hope to those who need encouragement. And as you think of ways to invest your funds this season, remember the ongoing ministry needs of Ridgecrest, our special offering for building updates, and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions.


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If you have not done so, share the graphic above on your social media with an invitation to attend. You just never know how God might use you to impact the life of another person at Christmas using social media!


Our annual Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions is upon us. I want to ask you to join me and Pam, our ministry staff, church leadership, adults, youth, and children in giving over and above our regular tithes and offerings towards this offering. Every bit of the offering goes to support our more than 5,000 mission personnel around the world who are sharing the gospel with those who have not heard.


Our ministry staff continues to pray for a “Renewed spiritual passion” at Ridgecrest. Will you join us in that prayer? Will you join us this Sunday, expecting great things from God? I’m looking forward to it.


This Sunday, December 9, we will kick off the sermon series focusing on Jesus in the book of John. I’ve anticipated this series of messages for a long time! This will be a good opportunity to attend and participate, to get back into church if you’ve been taking a break, to discover the answers to some of life’s most important questions, to worship the Lord, to strengthen your faith, and, to invite a friend!

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Pastor Marc