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July 22, 2017

God has impressed a question on my heart …..

“What if we were a praying church?” 

          “What would be different?”

          “What difference would it make?”

During some recent reading, I was reminded of the importance of being an evangelistic church and praying for God to send a Spiritual Awakening:  An evangelistic church is made up of members seeking those who are lost (apart from Christ) and sharing the good news of Jesus (the Gospel) with them.  In a Spiritual Awakening, those who are lost  seek God out of an inner conviction to know Him.  Imagine if Ridgecrest were an evangelistic church praying for Spiritual Awakening?!  That's what a praying church looks like! 


Preaching:   We are continuing to work through Genesis 1-11.  This Sunday we will look at Chapter 5:1-32.  This passage will give us insight into God's purpose, plan and power in the face of increasing sinfulness among people.  There is much for us to learn today!  I look forward to sharing this message with you.  In the coming weeks, we will be exploring the flood of Noah's day and it's lessons for us.  I hope you will be here each week.   


Congratulations Joyce and Ed Shoe!  They will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows of marriage as part of our 9:30 worship service this Sunday, July 23!  


Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 3.31.53 PM.png

Project 751 Update:

Will you pray for Project 751?  

700 - the masses of people in our area disconnected from God and the church.  

50 - the groups of people, designated by age, stage, color, education, marital status, etc..   And....   

1 -   The individual who needs Jesus!   

I hope that you will join me and others to say.....

More info soon!!     


You are invited to ENGAGE with us on Wednesday evenings at 7PM in room #509 for Fellowship (snacks!), an "engaging" dialogue concerning a relevant topic, and a season of prayer. In the coming weeks we will be watching and discussing segments of the recently released movie, "IS GENESIS HISTORY."  Beginning in September, we will be considering the question that God has laid on my heart, "What If We Were A Praying Church?"  I'm looking forward to meeting with you each week!  


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I am grateful for the opportunity to be away on vacation with my family for a week at the beach.  We had a great time of "fun in the sun."  And as always, vacation is too short!  But, I am glad to be back and more excited than ever about God's plan for the future of Ridgecrest Baptist Church!   I love being your pastor,

Pastor Marc